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The Chainsmokers Speak Out About 'Closer'

Discussing The Story Behind a Hit Song

The actual Chainsmokers recently hosted BPM’s EDM 15 on SiriusXM from New York - along with among counting down their very own top 15 tracks at the moment, they also had time to mention their current and future work, as well as some of the inspirations behind their #1 reach, “Closer sheet music. ”

We all know the cloths line that goes “Stay and participate in that Blink-182 song suggestions That we beat to loss of life in Tucson, ” appropriate? So what song is it… and why even refer to Blink-182 in their own track?

“[Shaun Frank] came in and we had been enjoying all this Blink-182 and Dial Confessional and all these guys in which just kind of tell the idea how it is, ” Taggart said. “I liked precisely how he kind of had an incredibly vivid sex scene nevertheless didn’t really talk about typically the sex … and I ended up being like I want to do a music kind of very visual similar to that’s an unsexy sexual scene, and I want to talk with someone that I’m instead of excited about, I’m indifferent to. The particular song’s a culmination involving pretty much all my ex-girlfriends and all sorts of my old friends. ” Check The Chainsmokers Closer sheet music piano notes page.

'Closer' Music Video

The Chainsmokers Pics

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