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Katy Perry Getting 'Real' Onstage at BBC

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Katy Perry got pretty racy onstage at BBC Radio stations 1's Big Weekend 2017 televised music festival Weekend.

The Swish Swish singer, who else wore a sparkling silver precious metal mini dress, got quite blunt while showing a few empathy towards many concertgoers struggling with an unfortunate side-effect associated with attending a concert. Check Katy Perry Swish Swish piano sheet music page.

"Some of you have to pee, correct? I know I know I know. We wear sometimes awful gadgets that doesn't let me use the bathroom. So I know kinda your feelings, " she said. "But it's all about the music so in retrospect we're holding in every thing. "

Swish Swish singer then obtained somber and dedicated a good acoustic version of the girl song "Part of Me" to the victims of final week's Manchester attack. The suicide bomber had wiped out 22 people, including kids, at the city's stadium right after an Ariana Grandeconcert.

Katy Perry

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"I think that you guys are incredibly beautiful and I think that we've extremely brave and all of us are in this together, aren't all of us? " Perry said. "And you know what? We will still dancing, we will still sing, we are going to still make music. This particular next one goes out in order to Manchester and to all the people who know what it means to love songs and be a community because of this. "
"If you have not kindly touched the person to the right or left simply do that. Just a little connection, inch she added. "Social press can't do that, can it? This can be a part of us that they'll in no way take away from us. Relax in peace, Manchester. inches

During her set, Perry also performed hits for example "I Kissed a Girl, very well "Roar" and her brand new tracks "Bon Appétit, micron "Chained to the Rhythm" as well as "Swish Swish" from the woman upcoming new album See.

'Swish Swish' Music Video

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