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Justin Bieber Appologizes For Saying 'F' Word

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Justin Bieber has apologised to get swearing at reporters, professing he was just doing a control from Australian TV show Summer months Heights High.

The I'm sorry singer, who is on vacation Down Under, was caught with camera telling reporters in addition to paparazzi to "f**k off" and "f**k you" previous to flipping the bird with hands when they attempted to talk with him as he comfortable on Richard Branson's heart-shaped Makepeace Island Resort, found on the Noosa River with Queensland.

However, Love Yourself singer features insisted it was just a uncertainty and he wasn't having the outburst, he was simply imitating Jonah, a vulgar, licentious Tongan student character inside Australian mockumentary comedy set.

"I said 'puck that you a miss, there's a difference concerning bullying him and kidding around. I was joking around" Justin said in Jonah's accent in a self-taped Instagram video, which was interspersed having typed questions. Check Ed Sheeran Shape of you piano sheet music here.

Following one that asks if he will apologise, Justin adopts the Jonah persona for a series of easy clips in different locations. Within a, he says "Sorry Ben", referring to the reporter, and a clip of the pup saying "motherf**ker" and unable to get ready to fight. Yearly, he says "Sorry" along with a sad, forlorn look in the face, before explaining, "I was doing it for fun. You recently didn't get that it was enjoyment. "

However , he persisted his mocking video by means of asking the newsreader who all reported the outburst, "You on your period or what exactly, Miss? ", because the woman was angered by his / her original cursing.

After a entered sentence appears on tv screen stating the news team missed his joke amusing, he / she told them to watch considerably more MTV, such as prank indicate Punk'd.

"I could actually tell them a Knock Knock scam and they wouldn't even assume it was funny. I was punking him, sir. Watch MTV for once, sir, " he / she teased.

During his Aussie trip, Justin also through a party on a boat with Melbourne and invited various women aboard, including Instagram model and married mother-of-one Kaysha Louise, according to MailOnline. The outlet reports the ladies were made to sign nondisclosure agreements and hand over all their phones before joining often the party.

The 23-year-old Despacito singer travels onto New Zealand immediately after performing in Sydney with Wednesday night,

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