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Billboard 2017 Awards Statistics

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The particular 2017 Billboard Music Accolades are days away as well as the hype is real.

In between a jam-packed list of artists, debut singles and a increasing list of presenters, there is no doubt that this specific year's award show will likely be a smashing success.
Thus what's bound to happen? Well, we all won't (and can't) mess up it all for you, but what we know is this:

Billboard 2017

Drake and The Chainsmokers take the lead with a enormous 22 nominations each as well as the one and only Cher will be readily available to receive the Icon

Prize. The legendary songstress may also perform for millions to look at, marking the first time she's conducted at an award show inside almost two decades.
Miley Cyrus will also be making a highly predicted appearance to perform her individual "Malibu" for fans around the world.

So what do you think? Amped but? We are!

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